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Product Engineering Services

We work across the product life cycle to help companies develop next-gen Smart, Connected, Intelligent products.

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Digital Enterprise Solutions

Digital solutions offered by us creates an highly efficient and collaborative environment giving opportunity to our customers to expand their business portfolio.

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Consulting Services

If you want to keep running have a goal in mind and understand the ‘institutional purpose’. We work with global engineering organizations in core areas to optimize their business.

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Close to the engineering and production centres of automotive manufacturers and suppliers.

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We provide a range of services ranging from concept and design, product development to installations and commissioning, testing and certification of embedded systems according to safety and regulatory standards.

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Industrial Poducts

Our solutions have helped customers in the areas of production improvement through better designs, machine automation and process optimization.

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Medical & Healthcare

We combine creative, technical and user experience expertise to deliver world changing products and services for Medical and Healthcare clients.

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Products & Solutions

Realtime Onboard
Assessment of Driving

Our vision is to bring down the road accident rates by 20% and coach drivers based on their driving behaviour

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Smart Lock

A smarter way to come and go, simple, beautiful, intuitive design to fit all door styles, you are always in control, no matter where you are, right from your phone

Smart Factory Solution

Connect your shop floor machines, equipment and assets real time through our solution

Design 360° AR VR

Enabling businesses with immersive technologies to drive maximum value across various stages of the value chain

IOT Tool Box

Industry-tailored IOT frameworks with embedded sensors, powerful processors, software and connectivity, Cloud & Data analytics providing value in functionality and performance


We offer unique opportunities and a great experience to add on to your career. We are always on the look out for outstanding professionals to grow with us.

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