IOT-TOOLBOX™ - Smart connected products

“MontBleu’ s industry- tailored IOT frameworks and test benches would help its clients develop Smart, Connected products, for their specific industries addressing industry use cases, faster, enriched with technology content.

Embedded sensors, powerful processors, software, and connectivity provide a unique opportunity for products to become intelligent. This coupled with Cloud and Data analytics help make products Smart & Connected, driving unique value in product functionality and performance. Such smart, connected products provide for new set of opportunities on how the huge amount of new data they generate is utilized and managed, the new business opportunities & benefits and what role companies should play as industry boundaries are expanded.

MontBleu provides a consulting-led approach to help our clients define their product road-map to make their products smart and connected. Our proprietary IOT/M2M framework helps our clients unearth new possibilities such as remote management of assets, intelligent alerts and collaborative decision making, that offer newer business and revenue opportunities and help companies look beyond their conventional realm of business.